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i love to write sing dance meet new people be there for everyone

In our class we are reading Ecotopia by:Ernest Callenbach copyright 1975 narrator William weston the story is about westons next assignment ecotoipa

The times post is at last able to announce that William Weston, our top internation affairs reporter it will spend six weeks in ecotopia,beginning next week. This unprecedented journalistic development has been made possible through arrangements  at the highest diplomatic level. it will mark the first officially cut off normal travel and communications.


climent change

climent change is all about wheather changing  around the world and were theres floods and storms and all that kinda stuff were it makes people move or were they cant live at there homes anymore

industrail food

well industrail food is more better than local food because its not sprayed with chemicles and that nasty stuff. We all  know that the industrail food don’t last as long as the local food but thats okay at least we are eating healthy food and the local food comes from a far far place and gets travled from state to state and we dont know how long that is.

Farmers and there cemiclas

Back in the day farms use to treat there cows good and what I mean by that is they would feed them healthy and not put chemicals. Now theses day there putting chemicals and nasty stuff in it that make them sick and fatter.some cow don’t even live to be 5 there killing them when there 5 and some cows don’t even get to see green grass and thats messed up. It makes me mad to see these animals almost go to waste and thats not okay for those animals because all farmers now these just care about how much there making they dont care about the cows or chickens and thats is not okay what so ever.THIS STUFF NEEDS TO STOP NOW

Fishing Memories

Fishing memories

I have had the best fishing trips in my life with family and friends.

I don’t go fishing a lot but when I do there the best.

My favorite fishing trip is when I went camping with my friend

Logan and her family. We went to this one place that I don’t know the

name of it but it was a cool place we were the only ones there.

When we got everything unpacked we went to the water and went fishing.

about one hour in I felt something pulling on my pool when I was realeing it in i it was moving a lot

and it slapped my uncle in the face I was laughing so hard that I could not breath.

After a few hours we went back to are camp site and made a big fire and sat in a circle

and talked about the old days and when we were kids we had good memories to talk about and sad memories

to talk about. No matter what we always have a good time at camp and spending time with each other there

may be sad times and happy times but at the end of the trip we tell each other lets do that agin.

Friends Till The End

Friends Till The End


People say that friends stay and then leave but I met this girl, and she is the most best thing that has ever happen to me in my life. Words can’t say how much she means to me and her name is Sarai. She Is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and the sweetest thing. One day she looks at me and says “Nabila we will be friends forever i will never leave your side,” and that’s when i knew she was the one. From that day on we were friends forever I will never let her will do anything and everything just to have her in my life. Sarai is in my heart so if I lost her I would die. That is how much she means to me. Wow, I can’t believe that I met this girl.  


There are so many people in this world that have

gotten bullied and some people have killed themselves

so they would not get bullied anymore.

So if you’re one of those people that have gotten

bullied in your life, I am going to put a stop

to this so you will live a free life. When I was young, I was

bullied A LOT but then I told myself that I can stand up

for myself and put a stop to this.

Every day I see a lot of people getting bullied and that is

not right, so I’m going to make this stop because that is not

cool when people bully other people.

Every night before I go to bed, I go down on my knee and pray

for all those people that are getting bullied and hurt it kills

me just to talk about it because I have lost so many people in my

life from that stuff.

So if your one of those that think its funny or cool well guess what your

WRONG because do u know what your doing to these people your hurting

them to a point that they don’t even want to be on this earth so they kill

them self so pleas STOP RIGHT NOW.

friends till the end

There are a lot of things I could talk about, but there is one thing that has been the biggest impact in my life and that is my friends. My friends are always there for me. They never put me down. If I am having a bad day I can go to them and talk to them because they will sit down and listen to me. The big thing is they give me strength.They make me stronger. I don’t know how but they just do, and that’s what I need. These friends are not fake friends. They are my real friends and that is what I need in my life. Sarai is one of the people who is the biggest impact. The reason I chose her was because she has helped me through a lot. She will let me tell her anything and she keeps it between us and doesn’t tell anyone. She always puts a smile on my face when my days are down and I thank her for that.

best friends

Christmas is the best holiday.  It is fun to play in the snow. I love to spend time with friends in the snow.  It makes me happy when I give something to someone that does not get anything in their life.It is fun to play in the snow. We spin around in the snow until we fall.  We walk and talk in the snow. The snow brings me and Dylan closer.Dylan and I had fun in the snow. We used  to have snowball fights and make things out of the snow. We made snow angels at his house in the front his yard. I love to spend time with friends in the snow because it brings us closer together.