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Fishing Memories

Fishing memories

I have had the best fishing trips in my life with family and friends.

I don’t go fishing a lot but when I do there the best.

My favorite fishing trip is when I went camping with my friend

Logan and her family. We went to this one place that I don’t know the

name of it but it was a cool place we were the only ones there.

When we got everything unpacked we went to the water and went fishing.

about one hour in I felt something pulling on my pool when I was realeing it in i it was moving a lot

and it slapped my uncle in the face I was laughing so hard that I could not breath.

After a few hours we went back to are camp site and made a big fire and sat in a circle

and talked about the old days and when we were kids we had good memories to talk about and sad memories

to talk about. No matter what we always have a good time at camp and spending time with each other there

may be sad times and happy times but at the end of the trip we tell each other lets do that agin.