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summer time

it is summertime the sun is out and shining on the water.

me and my friends are having a blast in the water and i see the water making waves and the sun shine bright on the water and the clouds blues as it can be and water splashing on everyone and i see smiles on everybody’s face i never knew this was going to be the funnest year of my life because everybody was having a blast. Then i smell something good and that smell tells me that something is the sun is gone and the moon is out it is big and white i never seen the moon so big and white.



my nana was the biggest in pack of my life

My nana was the impact of my life. But she past away like 2 years ago.But how and why she was the impact of my life because she was like my best friend we did everything together.she would always be there for me when I was put down she would tell me that don’t listen to those people.But the most impact thing that she gave me was she was always there for me when I needed someone to talk to she meant a lot to me but she was in so much pain that I was her impact of life I helped her with everything I could but that day came that she had to go.But from this day on I will never forget her for helping me in my life And also tll this day I will not forget the times she had helped people out.


my nana with her cancer


Turning Point

By:Nabila Mangler

When I woke up my nana told me she had cancer.  She had cancer for 2 months, the surgery costed so much money.


I felt sad because, she is my life and everything to me.

No longer she was in pain because she went up to heaven. She was like my best friend and my favorite one too it was hard losing someone that I loved so much. This is a big change in my life, when my nana passed away it made me cry and other stuff. When she past away I thought it was all my fault. But when I came back to rowe middle school I met this girl named Kacie she helped me, she with my life I love her like she was my sister.

dear grandma dixie

Dear Grandma Dixie

How are you doing in Alaska i miss you lots hope to see you soon. I hope you come down to camp again it was so much fun with you there. I remember when you lived with us u would always take us every where and when colby was at school me and you would clean the house and stuff then u would take me to the store and let me pick out a treat because i helped u in the house and then we would go to the park for a while but a few years later you moved to alaska. When you came to camp i was so happy but when you left i was so sad i cried for a long time but you know what i want for christmas i want a portable cd player  so i can take it on road trips so i have something to do more i want nike socks i love you  lots.




DATE: 12-11-13 DECEMBER 2013

TIME: 10:00 AM