Monthly Archives: December 2013

my values

one of my values is love and fun

because when i have love i feel satisfied and super happy

and when i get to have fun i feel even more happy than i did before

and when i feel loved i think of all the other people i loved before

and feel like laughing in their faces about how happy i am now.


“what has happened in my life”

when i was 12 years old my nana was diagnosed with cancer she had it in her stumikek and it spread through her her body.The next day she had to go to the doctor for a few days but when she came home she was not doing that good so my aunt had to call the ambience so they picked her up and i feel asleep and then the next thing i know is that my nana passed away i started to cry because she was everything to me.


What my nana told me to do is to write songs and be happy not sad so i started to write songs so i would not be sad or mad at myself for my nana pasting away because when she past away i thought it was my fault. but it was not my fault. but it was not so what i started to do is make songs.

After my nana passed away my friends were there for me when i was having a hard life everyday i would tell them that it was my fault because i was not there for her when i was supposed to be there for her if i was there for her every day she would of had lived but it was her time to go and my friends said she was in so much pain that she was ready to go and when they told me that i said i never heard someone say that to me before thanks for helping me out in my life.then after that i was still making songs and till this day i will make songs.   






I am from horses, dressup, baby dolls, winnie the pooh, tellie tubes to playing piano to singing with friends.

I am from princess clothes, cowgirl outfits,,with bleach blond hair and curls to straight brown blond hair.

I am from tag to hopscotch to softball.

I am from apple pie to cherry pie to takis chips.

I am from Oregon to Portland to Milwaukie.

I am from softball to football to to baseball to cheerleading to wrestling.    I am from when I had little parties when I was 1 to 5 but when I turned 6 to 14 I started having big parties.

I am from being small to tall and mighty.

I am from having old friends to new friends.

I am from kindergarten to easy work to 8th grade to doing hard work.

I am from being dirty and muddy when I am little too being more dirty and muddy.

I am from staying in Portland to Walla Walla, Washington.

I am from seeing my family that I see everyday to seeing new family in a different place that is far away.

I am from I love you to you,re my hero.

I am from saying you’re my hero to smile and be happy not sad.

My Best Christmas #23

Christmas is the best holiday.  It is fun to play in the snow. I love to spend time with friends in the snow.  It makes me happy when I give something to someone that does not get anything in their life.


It is fun to play in the snow. We spin around in the snow until we fall.  We walk and talk in the snow. The snow brings me and Dylan closer.

Dylan and I had fun in the snow. We used  to have snowball fights and make things out of the snow. We made snow angels at his house in the front yard. I love to spend time with friends in the snow because it brings us closer together.


Christmas season is a good time for giving. It makes me happy when I give something to someone that does not get anything in their life. Dylan and I once gave hot food and presents to the homeless people and it made my heart warm up and it put a smile on my face.

Christmas was the best time of my life because I had a good time and I made other people happy.

My Thanksgiving



My break was ok and hard. I was a little sad because my dog was not doing that good.It was also hard because my dog was in a lot of pain. It was also hard because my family didn’t get along with each other that well.


The reason it was hard was that my dog was in a lot of pain and she was trying to walk but she couldn’t. Also my family was not getting along with each other that well because of money and other stuff. The ok part was that there was a lot of snow and a lot of ice in Walla Walla. I almost broke my leg, but I hurt my hip even more when I slipped and fell on the ice.


If I could have changed something I would have my grandma Dixie down in Walla Walla for Thanksgiving. The second thing the I would change is that I wish I could have stayed longer, but we had to go home to get ready for school. The last thing that I would change is that everybody would have gotten along.